Rich, But…

Henry wasn’t too put off when he became a rich socialite woman during the Great Shift. He had looks he could get used to, a nice body, money, and friends. However, he soon would find out how he would have to get that money. The woman he became during the shift was a high priced escort. Right now as he was fixing his beautiful hair, there was a ring at the doorbell, as his butler answered it.

The butler Rupert said, “My lady, your ‘client’ as arrived, shall I show him upstairs to the bedroom, or downstairs the bondage room?”

“Um, er, um upstairs I guess, Rupert,” said a reluctant Henry.

Once he went upstairs in his ridiculous high heels no less, he opened the door to a big strong handsome naked man with a huge member. He didn’t know if it was his body’s hormone’s or his female brain or everything, but he had the intense desire to taste this guy and then get him inside of him! No wonder this woman was an escort, she was a horny babe who craved sex with men.

Henry was now Penelope Johnson, and she loved to play with plenty of “johnsons”, in her new profession. She would have no trouble doing the job, and her curiosities made her even more slutty than the body’s previous owner.


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