A Walk In The Park

My friend Tyson and I were walking in a park one afternoon when we entered into a strange, bright, shimmering, almost liquid light filtering through the trees. Tyson had been droning on about comic books in his typical ,obsessive, boring way and as we entered this light I found myself wishing that he was a beautiful, brunette with big boobs instead.
Then I heard a gasp and a muffled squeal and turned back to see a beautiful, brunette with big boobs stand in my friends place and giving me a strange look. Her shirt sleeves were now to long for her much smaller frame and her large breasts were stretching the fabric to its limits causing her nipples to be clearly visible.

“Are you going to give me your jacket of not?” she asked impatiently “I don’t know why I’m not wearing a bra, but I don’t want other guys leering at me, these are for your eyes only baby” as she gazed down at her chest. “Please take me home and let me show you what I mean” she added with a sly grin.
Without a word I handed her my jacket , then she took my arm and led me back towards the car. As we made our way to the car we passed through the strange light once again but this time I began to change.
My chest swelled with large breasts that popped the buttons of my shirt off and I actually got taller as long blond hair tumbled over my shoulders. I felt an uncomfortable tightness in my jeans as my hips widened and my butt increased dramatically in size and I felt my manly parts snap into my body and tighten. And then it dawned on me that my friend was actually a lesbian and I was now what she wished for

“Let’s run Lisa” said my friend,who now referred to herself as Tonya “It’s starting to rain and if our shirts get soaked we might get arrested for public indecency ” she giggled ” You know that the cops around here would love any chance to ogle a hot bra-less lesbian couple in wet shirts.
And we did run as fast as our huge bouncy tits would allow us , giggling all the way to the car.


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