Bored Cam Girl

I thought being a cam girl would be easier than this, actually I assumed that being a girl would be easier in general. I’ve got a few good tips from Big_Dog36 but it’s gone quiet again so I’ll just wave my pussy around. Yeah- here I am just waving my lady parts at all the perverts with their hands in their pants, well maybe they’re not perverts, but they are pretty stingy tonight . Some bitch with huge boobs and a great smile is sucking all the air out of this lousy site.

Maybe I should learn to do some magic tricks with my vagina. I could get one of those tricks where you can pull like a mile of multi colored ribbons from nothing. No — that would be stupid. that’s what clowns do and my vagina is not a circus act or a clown car – not yet anyway.

I could a put party popper in there, that would be funny, it’s not really a trick though and how would I pull the string? Now that actually would be a trick if I could do that, maybe some of remote control kind device that would go off automatically if someone made a big tip, but that would need a battery and I don’t want to be electrocuted down there, what a terrible way to die. Maybe it’s a better way to go than dying of boredom though.

I used to know some good penis tricks though but that’s not much help now. Maybe I ‘ll just log off and log on as a guy and troll Miss Perfect Tits and her amazing smile. But no, I can’t do that, part of me would really like too but she is so charming I think I’m a little love with her myself
Yeah – I’m really, really bored and I’m a cam girl now


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