Tee time?

“Good morning, honey” I said
“What are you going to do today?” ask my wife as she readied herself for work
“I’m golfing with a few of my buddies”
“You are not going to screw around while I work my butt off” she snapped
“We’ve made the reservation, I have to go” I protested
“We’ll see about that” and with a wave of her hand she turned me into a voluptuous dark haired woman”
“That’s not fair, you know I’ve been looking for a job, it’s just one day of golf”
“I’m not discussing this any further” she stated in annoyance
“All right”

So I went into the bedroom and called Larry. “Larry, she turned me into a woman again but that doesn’t mean I still can’t play, stupid witch, I’ll be there

And then I looked up and saw my wife standing at the door shaking her head ” You just don’t learn do you”
Oh shit, I thought This isn’t good.
With another wave and sigh she made my breasts absolutely enormous, it was clear that I wasn’t going golfing

“Good luck with your golf game, sweetie, keep your eye on the ball” she said sarcastically, “Ta ta”
Then she stuck her head back through the door ” Don’t let anyone touch your boobs, that’s a warning”

Yeah, keep your eye on the ball, the only way I could see a golf ball in front of me is if I used a mirror.

So I called Larry back ” Can’t go, she just made my tits so huge I can barely stand up, so next time”
“What are you doing?” asked Larry
“Playing video games”
“Alright” said Larry”Can I come over and see them?”
“Can I come over and fuck you in the dark”
“No again”
“Hey babe, you sound hormonal and bitchy, some other time” he said mockingly ” I’ll see you later”
“Later” I said

So I sat down on the couch and continued gaming. I put on a top that I thought would fit over my tits , but after a couple of minutes of constantly pulling it down, I gave up and pulled it up on top of my boobs”

An hour later I heard a commotion out front and the front door opened “Surprise” shouted Larry as he entered the house

“Holy crap” said Larry, ogling my chest “You really pissed her off this time – damn”
“I told you not to come here” I stated flatly
“Come on buddy, I had to see them, you know what I mean?”
“Yeah” I said and I was really pissed off
“”Please let me touch them” he pleaded
“Alright” I said ” But you better not get a boner and then you have to leave” I said, not forgetting my wife’s warning. Something was going to happen to Larry and it would be payback for being a jerk.

So Larry gave them a feel, though I made him close his eyes, mainly so he couldn’t see what was going to be happening to him.
As he was standing there feeling me up I noticed that his nipples started showing through his golf shirt, This is going to be good I thought.

“Feeling a bit nippy? I asked
“Shut up” Larry said “You’re the only one with the nips”
“Are you sure about that?”
Larry looked down at his chest “What’s going on, what’s happening to me?”
“Don’t know and I can’t wait to find out, but I’m pretty sure you’re not golfing today either”

Larry collapsed on to the recliner, staring intently at his slowly expanding chest, his nipples were at least an inch long and you could see the small budge of his breasts by now”

“How big are they going to get” he asked me and I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled
He still hadn’t noticed that I was taking video of him with my phone camera

Then my wife called, “What are you doing?
“Nothing, Larry stopped by?
“Did he touch your tits?”
“How big are his now? she asked
“About a B cup I’d guess”
“How big should I make them?”
“”As least twice as big as mine and make it take a long time”
” You got it ” she said
“Oh and fill them with milk”
“You’re sick, so I’m giving you both milk

Larry can’t take his eyes off his new tits and notices wet spots forming on his shirt, “What’s this?”
“A little dairy product” I told him “I though out should have the whole experience, or should I say the whole milk experience” I chuckled
So we played video games, Larry’s tits stopped growing when they touched the floor as he was sitting down.
He finally saw the humor in the whole situation and we had a good laugh.

When my wife got home she still wasn’t done with us. She told Larry to start sucking on my tits and not to stop drinking until she gave the command. As he began sucking he slowly transformed into a beautiful blonde girl.
Then she ordered us into the master bedroom and had us remove our clothes. “Now look at me” she demanded and to our shock she had given herself a huge cock. “Now both of you bend over the bed and take what you have coming to you. And she began to fuck us silly. Female Larry turned out to be quite the screamer. She kept at it until we begged her to stop.
Then we both fell to sleep.

I awoke to someone shaking me awake, it was Larry ” wake up dude, it’s time for golf”
“What” I said “I though we missed our tee time”
“What are you talking about? Your wife said you fell asleep waiting for me. Lets go.”
“But………..” I sputtered looking at my wife “I thought you were at work”
“It’s Saturday silly, I don’t work on Saturdays”
“Hurry” she said ‘You boys have a good time”
And then she gave me a long wink and kissed me good bye


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