Nemesis – Villain’s Log

Day 4:
My plan continues to work perfectly. Ever since I transformed myself into Amaza-Girl’s weakness – a submissive nymphomaniac lesbian – she’s been completely unable to resist me. She actually took me into her lair, the fool! Unfortunately, so far she’s been insatiable, and I haven’t been able to get away from her long enough to implant the nanovirus.

Day 22:
Still unable to find time to carry out my plan, but I’m confident I’ll get an opportunity any day now. She even mentioned me today – said it was strange that Mecha-Manimal was being so quiet. Hah! She doesn’t suspect me at all… shoot, she’s back with the strapon, I need to cut this short. I will update later.

Day 135:
Mistress Amaza-Girl almost caught me today. She finally had to leave for a few hours, but I took too long to decide to try it – she had ordered me not to move, after all. When I finally got up the nerve, she was already returning and caught me outside of her bedroom. I was able to deflect her suspicions by making her think I was actually trying to get punished. Thankfully I was able to eat her pussy for the required 3 hours before my tongue cramped, so I escaped worse consequences. For now I have put my master plan on a temporary hold, in order to lull her into dropping her guard.

Day 2473:
Today I took the biggest step of my life. I knew I had to, but I was so terrified of losing her that I kept hesitating. But finally, I did it. I gave my Mistress this log.

To my surprise and joy, she just smiled and kissed me! Apparently she knew all along. I’m so happy she’s not angry. She did tell me I need to be punished for trying to keep secrets from her, though. I’m just so grateful that she’s keeping me that I agreed immediately (not that I would ever tell her no, of course!). So for every day I delayed, I’ll get spanked once. But she’s such a nice Mistress, she told me I only had to do 100 each day. And she’s even giving me Sundays off!

Isn’t she wonderful? I have the bestest, greatest Mistress in the entire world. I couldn’t be happier.


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