Neural Transfer

…and now some information from the local police department to the public

There have been a series of incidents in the park where the visitors have been hit by pebbles that turns into dust upon impact. No person have suffered any injuries apart from a sore spot on their skin. No perpetrator have so far been found. The police asks the public to to have an watchful eye on any suspicious activities.

That was all from today´s news.
Good night.


“Blasted! They are on to me!”, professor Weisshair exclaimed.
“No worries, I´ve got enough subjects to entertain me until this blows over and I can start tagging people again.”
Günther slowly rolled a ball betwen his fingers and let his mind wander away, dreaming of all the bodies he would be able to use in the future.
He just had to lay low until it had blown over and he could bring out his modified air gun and start tagging people again. The hunt for bodies had been more excilirating than he had imagined.
Often he had stayed hidden in a bush until a person that looked pleasing to him passed by and then shot him or her with his nanite balls.
The nanite ball shattered upon impact and spread the nanites on the skin of the target. From there they worked themselves into the skin and into the bloodstream. Well inside the body they began building a transmitter/reciever along the spine and a neural implant connected to the brain stem. It was a masterpiece of engineering. Günther Weisshair felt an immense proudness over his creation.

“Just twenty-one so far but that will do for now.”, Günther said while browsing the album of all the people he had tagged. Girls, women, boys and men. He didn´t exclude anyone if only they were attractive.
“I feel for some meat today”, he said and snickered over his joke.
On the screen the name “Jasmine Morley” was marked, number seven of twenty-one.
He loaded her profile into the transfer device so it had a target to send him into. The diagnostics was up and running and all values showed green. The technology even gave him her POV on his computer, he checked it so he wouldn´t be sent into an compromising situation. She was home alone. Perfect.

Günther strapped himself into the seat and donned the helmet of the transfer device. The clock was set on three hours, after that time had passed he would wake up in his own body again.
He slammed the green button to the left with his fist.

His mind travelled across the aether and invaded Jasmine´s body, the neural implant shut down her brain and let Günther´s take over.

He woke up with a massive weight hanging from his chest. Her enormous chest was the exact reason he had chosen her in the first place.
“Heeeelllooooo sexy!” he cooed to the mirror in front of him. His sultry female voice tasted like honey in his mouth.
“I`m Jasmine and I´ve got the hots for you”.
“Hello, I`m Jasmine and I´ve been a naught girl”.
Günther was slowly making himself more horny.

“They are so squishy and bouncy”, he said while he played around with his boobs. “And the ass is so soft to sit on. It´s like an in-built cushion pillow”. He grabbed a handful of ass with his manicured fingers.
“Enough with groping my boobs and ass. My mother always told me it´s the inside that counts. Time to see if she was right”. He let out a soft feminine laugh.
His fingers followed the contours of his belly and slowly worked their way under his panties.
A small patch of hair indicated he was on the right track.
They soon found two folds in his groin which they snuck into.
“OooooooOoooooh”, he moaned with Jasmines voice.
He moved his fingers in and out a couple of times and he felt how his vagina began to pulse as if it wanted more.
“Mom was right, it is what´s on the inside that counts”. He made a wide grin.
“I wonder if a woman like this has her adult toys in the nightstand next to the bed?”.
Still massaging his clitoris with his one hand he opened the drawer: “Bingo!”


Jasmine woke up all sweaty and disoriented. A dildo that had been shoved up far in her pussy was vibrating wildly.
“W-Where am I?”, she said before recognizing the room as her bedroom.
She removed and turned off the dildo and wondered how this could have happened.


Günther jumped around and cackled madly! It had worked and it had worked so beautifully!
He felt all giddy over the last three hours and the marathon masturbation session he had performed. Twice he had managed to get multiple orgasms wash over him and keep him in a mindless bliss for almost half a minute each. It was true, women had it better.
He licked his lips. Just one more.
Nimble fingers hit the keys and loaded the profile. Günther hopped up in the transfer device and repeated the same procedure as before, but the clock was set on eight hours instead.
A fist slammed the green button and his body immediately went limp.
Who did he chose? Why, lucky number seven of course!


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