Concealed Weapon

As a private spy, I do work for whoever pays the most and I am the best at what I do. On one previous mission I recovered special nanites that allows me to control my entire physical nature through a computer. For my next mission, commissioned by a wealthy gang leader, I am to go undercover at a restraunt that is used as a front for a rival gangs drug trade in order to gain any information that can be used as leverage. The thing is they only hire women.
Once at my home base I configure and activate the nanites to the desired look. I felt tingling all throughout my body and in five minutes I was transformed into a young sexy brunette that should be able to get hired right away. On the walk to the restraunt I had passed through an alley officially marking the rival gangs territory. I hear footsteps approaching behind me but continue on as my disguise is 100% real. A man grabs me from behind with a gun to my head. In my normal body I easily could have taken him but one downfall of the nanites is that I take on the physical strength of the form I assume. I am helpless in this form and must do exactly as he wants. The man rips off my shirt and pushes me towards a wall. I grab and hang onto some nearby chains to keep from falling. He roughly pulls down my pants and whips out his secondary weapon. I can only hold on tight and wait for him to fire his load and leave me.


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