Match Maid

Stan was 28 years old and still living at with his parents with no job and no plans to study. His parents were fed up that he was wasting his life and their money so they hopped on their computer and found a matchmaker service. These matchmakers work by transforming a person into a buyers ideal parter for a massive payout to the seller… somehow this is still legal.

A few hours later and they had found a buyer willing to pay 10 million for him, a completely life changing amount. Stan’s father went to town to meet the matchmaker who was rather eager to close such a massive deal.

Father: “Hi, I’m here to see the matchmaker?”
Matchmaker: “Hello Mr Smith, it’s nice to meet you in person. Did you have any questions before we continue?”
Father: “Yeah, how does this work exactly?”
Matchmaker: *picking up a vial* “This vial contains nanites mixed with Chris, the client’s, essence. It’s completely tasteless, scentless and will transform your son into his ideal partner after ingestion.”
Father: “Ok… But how will Stan feel about it all?”
Matchmaker: “She will love her new life. I’ll tell you what, here’s a pamphlet that’ll tell you everything you need to know, take it home and let me know your decision tonight.”

Stan’s father took the vial and pamphlet and went back home to discuss this with his wife. After a long discussion his father called the Matchmaker and told her that they would give him the vial at lunch the next day.

The next day Stan’s mother made him some lasagne, his favourite food, with a special ingredient and took it into him. He downed the food like there was no tomorrow, even commenting on how good it was when he took the plate out. Later that night around dinner time Stan came out to the dining room table where he saw a man named Chris sitting with two incredibly hot girls in tight sexy dresses.

Stan’s stomach had butterflies as he looked at Chris, he hadn’t been feeling very well for the last few hours so he quickly sat down on the other side of the table as his parents joined them. Figuring that these people were his parents friends, Stan reached his hand across the table to shake hands and introduced himself. He dug into the food and while waiting for dessert to finish baking, Stan’s mother spoke up.

Mother: “Stan, I was just wondering sweetie, how do you feel about that matchmaking service?”
Stan: “Uh, well I was at a protest last week for those people… It sucks that they just change people like that.”

Hearing this, Chris whispers to the girls. They both stand up and walk over to Stan, even taking their tiny dresses off, revealing some sexy underwear. The brunette grabs a hold of Stan’s arm, putting it between her boobs and started playing with his chest which surprised him how amazing it felt. The redhead sat on his lap and started making out with him.

Chris: “Well you see, these two were changed by a matchmaker aaaand so were you.”
Stan: “Mmphh!?”
Chris: “Haven’t you noticed some little changes? Like you should have a crush on me by this point.”
Mother: “Your hair is quite a bit longer”
Father: “You’re much smaller.”
Brunette: “You even have some little A cup boobies here.”

His mother showed him his image in a hand-held mirror, he looked so much more feminine. He wanted to hate Chris and the girls but he just couldn’t, was this part of the changes?

Chris: “Well, if that’s the case then you three should go to Stefanie’s room and play dress-up, give her a full makeover and then you can have some fun, just make sure that the panties stay on if you catch my drift. Oh and go to sleep at 10, I want you well rested for tomorrow.”

Stefanie and the girls stood up and ran off to her room, they picked out some underwear for her, put it on and started on the make-up. Somehow it was both incredibly embarrassing and really fun. Stefanie looked at her painted pink nails and then walked up to her mirror, she looked exactly like a girl already.

Giggling, they hopped into bed and started playing with each other, Stefanie was watching herself change in the mirror the whole time. Hours pass and they were still going strong when they were suddenly hit by a wave of exhaustion, looking up at her clock she saw it was exactly 10 as she fell asleep in a small pile of the girls.

Waking up the next morning, Stefanie noticed that the other girls were gone but there was a small pile of clothes at the foot of the bed and a note that read “Stefanie, Here are your clothes for the day, have fun!” Picking up the pink bra that was quite a bit bigger and more appropriate for her bust size than the small ones lying on the floor across the room.

Chris was sitting out on the balcony with Stefanie’s parents having a drink while the two girls were swimming in their bikinis. Suddenly the door slid open and a girl walked out in a skirt, stockings and heels, her bra, pigtails and to top it all off, a maids headdress.

Stefanie: “Hi Chris! hi Mummy! hi Daddy! Well Chris, what do you think?”
Chris: “Fantastic, you look great. By the way I forgot to mention that the newest girl is the maid, so until I get another one you will refer to me as Master, the girls as Mistress and will weigh on us hand and foot.”
Stefanie: “Yes Master!”
Chris: “Well it’s a special day today for you so why don’t you go, put on a bikini and join the others in the pool.”
Stefanie: “Yes, thank you Master!”


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