Gene Pool

Carlos was a football player at his college. He was enjoying his Spring Break in Cancun. He was partying and hooking up with girls almost nonstop. One day, while he was drunk on the beach, he noticed that everyone was leaving for some reason. He was too drunk to notice that people were panicked. Even his friends left him behind. As he stumbled around the beach looking for his friends, he tripped and landed on the wet sand. It was there that he passed out as the tide began rolling in.
Carlos woke up to the feeling of splashing seawater. He felt really groggy and hungover, but his body also felt very strange. Something was different. Something was wrong. He felt strange weights hanging from his chest as he shifted around in the sand. He felt sand in places he had never felt before. He felt smaller and softer. He felt that his hair was suddenly much longer. As Carlos jumped up and screamed in a girly voice, he was too distracted by his transformation to notice that there was no one else around. Everyone else had gotten word. Experimental nanites designed to alter people’s genes had been leaked into the ocean. Carlos was now very much “Carlita”…


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