I was a photographer for Sports Illustrated, when one of the models came up to me after a shoot…
“Well let me tell you this really quick before I lose control again.
My best friend Jeremy and I were never the most patriotic people. We talked about how messed up this country was online pretty much everyday, heck we even had our own youtube channel where we shared our radical anarchist political views.”

“But we didn’t know that the Patriot Act would be used to shut us down from our dissenting views. Though when it happened, we weren’t shocked.”

“But we were shocked to discover that the government had a program in place to “train us” to be patriotic. We were even more shocked when they used nanotechnology to turn us into beautiful women. But it did it’s work to our bodies, and they broke our minds.”

“The government thought the newest Swimsuit edition needed some more patriotism, so they sent the two of us to take part. Thats how I ended up here today talking to you, but for some reason…maybe it was all the flashes of the cameras you were using to take my picture….the training temporarily broke and I realized what I have become. I imagine I am beyond saving. But please get the word out to the world before I………..Hey Hot Stuff, want to sneak off to the changing room for a quick blow job?”

I followed her of course…no one could turn down that offer. But now I’m unsure of what to do with this information she gave me. I’m not a crazy conspiracy theorist, and maybe she was just pulling my leg… So I figured I would share it with you.


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