Gene Pool (2)

“Don’t fuck with me!” Carlos, now ‘Carlita’, said to the rich older gentleman who suddenly pulled back the shower curtain to reveal his guest’s wet, nubile body. The lecherous man had found the overly endowed, newly transformed Spring Breaker alone on the beach and offered her hospitality in his beachside mansion. Afraid to go back to her hotel where her horny, rambunctious friends were, she begrudgingly took him up on his offer. The first thing she did was get in the shower hoping to wake up from her nightmare or at least wash off whatever had transformed her into a big breasted babe. It was shortly after that the rich man, Mr. Ramon, interrupted her shower to inform her about the nanites after seeing the news reports. What he was really doing was hoping that the reports were true about those infected by the nanites being incredibly horny… They were very true…


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