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Just a Taste

Kevin said on a hiking trip with his buddy Percy that he wanted if not much, then a taste of what it was like to be a well hung stud. Kevin was small in that department, and wondered often what it would be like if he were a real “well hung” male in sex. They reached an odd stone with a strange language, and as Kevin touched it, there was a glow. Read more

Finally Found It

My Birthday this year was unforgettable, I had some fun with my friends at work, some of them got me a new watch that I really like, but the most memorable thing was receiving a present from an unknown sender. Someone rang my doorbell, and when I opened my door, there was noone there, but only a box with a pink ribbon on it. Read more

TG Camp

Tg camp is a real character builder. Businesses and schools use it so people can appreciate how the other half live.
Roger, Norman and Harry were loving it at first. They embraced being able to look down and see boobs and have great orgasms. But it soon grew old.
They only had really feminine clothes and they all despised wearing them. This lead to lack of clothing and feeling cold. And there is only so many times you can squat to pee. They all can’t wait until they can go home and be male again.


This wasn’t an accident. Unlike others, we knew. We knew about the contamination in the water. We wanted to jump in it just to find out. What did it feel like to be a woman?
Step by step we went in to the pool. Every bit of our bodies the water touched made it feminine. As the water swelled above our feet our feet shrunk, hair abolished and toenails polished. As we went further in our legs became womanly and smooth. Soon there was the introduction of wide hips and a plump ass as well as two pink lips forming a vagina. Further and further until we dunked our heads under and into femininity.
We were both so excited. We couldn’t wait to learn more and buy sexy bikinis. Let’s see what’s ahead.


When men become women it can be very exciting. Quite often, it is just as and on many occasions even more exciting for those around them.
Nate had always wanted to be a woman. Amy was always a close friend of his and was well aware of his secretive desire. Amy was saddened to see her friend unhappy with his body. So when she saw that there is a business downtown that specialised in transformations thought instantly of Nate. She couldn’t tell him quick enough. Nate was shocked by this new revelation yet wanted to give it a crack. He’d booked an appointment immediately and Nate was in the waiting room with Amy the next morning. Nate was nervous yet knew it was what he wanted to do. When he was called he said goodbye to Amy for the last time as a man and walked through to the doctor’s office. After a series of injections, Nate was Nancy. Amy was so happy for her friend and helped her become the woman she always wanted to be. Read more


They were right. Ocean water really does make you feel better. It certainly makes my skin softer and makes it feel like you have more room downstairs. Oh wait, I’m a woman. Even better.

How It Works

Ok, so this is how it all works. I thought to myself as I observed urine cascade from my clean shaven vagina. It’s no where near as bad as I thought it would be. Peeing really isn’t that bad as a girl.
The great shift dramatically changed the world. I ended up in the body of Anna who is 19. As a result of the great shift many changed genders. For some victims it was a fantasy realised, for others it was the worst nightmare. I fit into neither of the categories. I’d never wanted to be female, I wanted to male, the thought of possibly being a female disgusted me. However, I would of course as a result of the great shift become female. I accepted my change knowing there was nothing I could possibly do about it. I’m a female and will quite possibly always be.
I’ve been learning quickly. I was worried about a few things such as wearing dresses and make up. However, I found wearing dresses and skirts incredibly easy and came to enjoy it. Make up on the other hand is tricky, however, I don’t mind wearing it. My largest concern of all though was peeing. The thought of squatting seemed disgusting. However now I can see that it really isn’t that bad, I think being a girl will be just fine,