Nothing Out of The Ordinary – Part 36

I heard the shower turn on upstairs from the master bedroom, I leaned back against the staircase wall and sat down on the steps. I began to get lost in thought and started talking to myself…

“This is the most amazing sex I’ve ever had with the hottest body I have ever seen…”

“But is this really right?.. It’s going to have to end at some point… this trip isn’t going to last forever, after all.”

“It’s not like he knows or has to know…” I said resting my chin on my hand like the thinking man.

“But he wouldn’t do this to me, the right thing would to make him aware…… but he is going to be pissed…” I said with a look of guilt.

“I’ll make him aware, and just use the remote if he starts to get irrational… at least to calm him down and make him think straight.”

Standing up, I walked to the front door where our bags still lay and grabbed the remote. I headed upstairs and stood outside the bedroom door when I finally noticed that the shower had stopped running. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Alex laid there fast asleep in bed, half covered in the blankets with his ass exposed facing the door. A tank hanging from the lamp.

“Whew, that’s a relief. If we had another round I would probably never follow through with this.” I thought to myself staring blankly.

Alex really did have the body of goddess…

I pressed the button on the remote and the screen flickered on with the flat line, it was waiting for a command. I hesitated for a moment before coming to grips with myself…

“Make Alex aware of everything I’ve changed about him.”

“Command Accepted” flashed across the top of the screen.

“I hope I don’t regret this more than I already do…” I said under my breath.

I crawled into bed next to Alex and pretended to sleep while I waited for him to wake up with his new realizations.

(To Be Continued…)


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