The Fucktoy Awakens

“It has to be there! I just need to push a little harder, go it a little deeper…”

Chuck smiled as he watched the video feed from the camera he had installed in Brian’s — sorry, _Brianna’_ bathroom. The neural implants appeared to be working perfectly. Already he had watched as Brian was unable to remember his address or phone number. And he especially loved when Brian discovered he could no longer say his own name.

But the best moment was when he called the police in desperation, and tried to say, “I’m a man” and instead, “I’m a naughty little slut that needs to be spanked!” came out. Chuck spit out half a cup of coffee when that happened.

After changing shirts, Chuck was back watching Brianna furiously fuck herself with the suction cup dildo he had planted in her bathroom.

While Chuck had personally gone over Brian’s memory files to remove all of his knowledge of biomechanics, neural remapping and pleasure clones — he had implanted an unshakable belief in Brianna that there was a “reset switch” deep in her pussy that if pressed, would restore her memory, knowledge and free will.

Of course, no such button existed and the idea itself was patently ridiculous — but Brianna no longer knew that. And Chuck had made sure she would never give up trying to find it. He smiled a bit as an involuntary moan escaped her lips.

He couldn’t wait for Brianna to quit in frustration this time, and discover her overwhelming compulsion to keep her “toys” clean — with her tongue.


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