How It Works

Ok, so this is how it all works. I thought to myself as I observed urine cascade from my clean shaven vagina. It’s no where near as bad as I thought it would be. Peeing really isn’t that bad as a girl.
The great shift dramatically changed the world. I ended up in the body of Anna who is 19. As a result of the great shift many changed genders. For some victims it was a fantasy realised, for others it was the worst nightmare. I fit into neither of the categories. I’d never wanted to be female, I wanted to male, the thought of possibly being a female disgusted me. However, I would of course as a result of the great shift become female. I accepted my change knowing there was nothing I could possibly do about it. I’m a female and will quite possibly always be.
I’ve been learning quickly. I was worried about a few things such as wearing dresses and make up. However, I found wearing dresses and skirts incredibly easy and came to enjoy it. Make up on the other hand is tricky, however, I don’t mind wearing it. My largest concern of all though was peeing. The thought of squatting seemed disgusting. However now I can see that it really isn’t that bad, I think being a girl will be just fine,


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