Female For Life

I can’t understand why I hesitated. The option was right there in front of me. They offered temporary changes yet I refused to go and make the commitment. If I hadn’t won that raffle, which I didn’t even know I’d entered, I may have never come forward.

I was never gay or bi or anything like that. However, I was always curious. What was it like to be a girl? Thanks to that raffle, I was going to find out. I’d be a girl for two weeks. The company that ran the program offered me a different apartment to live in which was fully furnished with female possessions. I would have the full experience.

I got to design my body. I opted for blonde hair as I had fallen in love with countless reams of blonde women. Breast size was difficult, whilst large tits look great I didn’t want to throw my back out so I selected some round and present b-cups. My body was slim with a respectable ass. I gave my self a friendly smile and sneaky nose piercing. Then I became her.

My first day as a female was as you’d expect. I masturbated profusely. I loved my new female body, whilst it was extremely alien to me I loved the sensations a female body purged through my body. Sure it was off putting having nothing down there but I didn’t miss what was once present before. I had to concede the hair in my face was frustrating but by the third day it was just normal. It had become a habit to tuck my blonde hair behind my delicate feminine ears.

I also discovered how comfortable my body was. My soft ass was like a cushion and the abscence of my male genitalia meant my thighs could touch and assist in optimum comfort. Soon I was really accepting it, I was trying make up and puttting on women’s clothes to go out. I was loving life, it just felt so right.

Soon my temporary was trial. I wasn’t too keen to be a man again. I told the doctor I was unsure, she said there wasn’t a problem, many do the same. I wrote a list of pros and cons. The pros significantly outweighed the cons. The doctor looked over my shoulder, she said her list was much the same. She told me that she too was born a man but have been a woman for the last 10 years off her life. She told me to look around the facility. She said every employee had tried both genders just as I had. I looked around. I heard the click-click of high heels, I saw skirts, pantyhose and painted nails. The doctor said that 80% of the workforce were originally males. I wasn’t surprised. Being female was better. I made my call, I thanked the doctor and remained female for life.


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