All this and you also get to fly for free!

Ugh, this better be worth the free trip, typed Brandon into his girlfriend Anna’s cell phone, as he held onto her luggage and waited to get onto the plane.

Trust me, it will be. You are going to love Vegas. It is a very exciting city, Anna typed back.

But I don’t even know what I am doing, replied Brandon.

It’s easy. Just help everyone find their seats, read the safety brochure to them, and then hand out some peanuts and soft drinks. It’s a piece of cake. The other flight attendants can help you with anything else. Just relax and enjoy your trip, returned Anna.

Brandon sighed and boarded the plane. He still couldn’t believe his girlfriend had talked him into this. But she really did need his help. Anna was terribly sick and if she had missed another day of work she would have been fired. So she asked Brandon to use the medallion of Zulo to become her clone and take over her shift at work, promising him a free trip to Vegas as a reward.

When the plane touched down in Vegas, Brandon was exhausted. It wasn’t as tough as he thought, but it was much harder than Anna had made it out to be. But his co-workers helped him carry the load. They chatted amiably as they were ferried to the hotel in a private car. His co-workers really seemed to like him better than Anna, remarking how much nicer and friendlier she was on this flight.

Brandon looked idly out the car window as they drove down the Strip. Vegas looked like a lot of fun, but Brandon was too tired to enjoy it. He just wanted to go to sleep. Unfortunately, the flight crew was leaving again the next morning so he was not going to get to experience Vegas as Anna promised – she had tricked him once again.

It was just like her. Anna only thought of herself and her needs. That was what got her in trouble. Anna faked her illness so she could use her sick days to have fun and party. And now that she really was sick – at least Brandon thought she was sick for real this time – she was in a bind. She could be so selfish and irresponsible. Sometimes Brandon wondered why he was even still in a relationship with her.

At the hotel Brandon was met with another snafu – the company had made a mistake and the employees were going to need to share rooms. Brandon had expected to share a room with one of the other female flight attendants, but was shocked to find the hunky male pilot laying nude in his bed.

“What are you doing here?” asked Brandon.

“I tipped to the desk clerk to give us the same room. Oh, don’t act so coy. This isn’t like it’s the first time we hooked up. And I know it won’t be the last, ” said the pilot, as he stood up and strode towards Brandon.

Brandon was furious. He couldn’t believe that his girlfriend was cheating on him. Sure, the guy was really cute. And very well-endowed. But didn’t Anna feel any loyalty to him? Or even just a tiny shred of decency?

Brandon was shocked when the pilot kissed him, deeply and passionately.

“Come on … don’t tell me you didn’t miss me. I know I missed you. And I know you missed this, ” said the pilot as he reached into Brandon’s shirt, gently caressing his breast. His other hand moved under Brandon’s skirt, massaging his groin. Brandon found himself getting excited and wet. He had never felt this stimulated before. He knew it was wrong, but it felt so good he wanted it to continue. He was curious to know how much better it would feel, if he allowed the pilot to go all the way. After all, it would be kind of like poetic justice, a punishment to Anna for cheating on him. And as they say: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Brandon stripped off his clothes, ran to the bed and beckoned for the pilot to join him.

Several weeks later Anna wondered why the airline had not called her about her next shift. Brandon had never returned and she was beginning to get worried. He had the medallion of Zulo, so he didn’t need to see her to change back. But Anna had at least expected Brandon to call and check on her while she was sick. Anna got dressed and went to the main office of the airline. She was shocked to find Brandon, in her body, talking to her coworkers. Even more shocking was the fact that he was hanging on the pilot she had secretly been fucking.

“Oh, Brandie. I am so glad you could make it. Guys, this is my twin sister Brandie. She has been thinking of becoming a flight attendant, too. If she can get her paperwork in order, of course, ” said Brandon with a wink.

“Wow, I didn’t know you had a twin sister, ” said the pilot, eyeing her up and down.

Brandon jabbed him hard in the ribs.

“Hey! I thought you liked me for more than my body. At least that’s what you told me when you proposed, ” said Brandon, holding up the engagement ring on his finger.

Anna’s jaw dropped. She was too awestruck to speak. Brandon pulled her aside so they could talk privately.

“Listen, I know this is somewhat of a surprise – it certainly was for me – but I decided that I like your life, your friends and your body so I am going to keep them all. As you can see, nobody misses the old Anna. Everyone loves the new Anna and her positive attitude. I doubt they want to see the mean, lazy, selfish Anna return. So you can be my twin sister or even take over my old life for all I care. But from now on, I am Anna. And unless you want to look crazy, you better just accept it, ” said Brandon.

Brandon gave Anna a wicked smile, and turned so he could go back and join his happy co-workers.


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