Shared Family

Dave and Susan had been friends since they were children. Then, near the end of high school, Dave had moved to another town and they lost touch. Several years later, while visiting his old town, Dave called Susan. Susan was now married to Frank but was excited to see her old friend and invited Dave over. While talking over old times, Susan got a mischievous gleam in her eye. Dave, do you remember how we used to play dress up when we were children? Would you like to play the ultimate dress up game? At Dave’s nod, Susan placed an old medallion around his neck. Then taking off her blouse, she touched it to the medallion. In moments, Dave was an exact copy of Susan right down to the tattoos on their backs. The two old friends then spent the afternoon playing dress up, doing their make up and generally acting like they did as children. They were having so much fun they forgot the time. As they stood hugging each other a door opened. It was Susan’s husband Frank. They exchanged glances. Then turned and both said in identical sexy voices, “Hi Frank”. Now Frank was stunned but he wasn’t an idiot either. He definitely new a good thing when he saw it. The night that followed was one of mind blowing sex. Frank turned out to be quite the stud and was able to completely satisfy his two wives. After Frank left for work the next morning, Dave tried to change back but the medallion wouldn’t work. It was several weeks before they discovered why. It seems that Susan was on the pill. While the medallion copied Susan’s physical body, the chemical nature of the contraceptive did not transfer. Dave was pregnant! It was decided that Dave would stay until the baby was born. Frank was excited to be a father and Susan was excited at the thought of having a baby in the house. By the time Dave’s daughter was born, he had come to love the little girl, Susan and Frank and did not want to change back or break up their happy family, Besides, Susan was pregnant now and would need help. Frank was happy to have two beautiful wives. The children were happy to have two loving mothers, And the two Susans were happy to share the work, their family and their stud of a husband. They lived happily ever after. One big happy family.


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