Magic Mask

It had just laid there, the asian looking cat-mask.
Out of a whim I put it to my bearded face and then the world started to spin. The smell of incense filled my nostrils and regardless how hard I pulled the mask didn´t budge the slightest.
My body collapsed to the floor as the world grew dark.

“Tachiagarimasu! (Stand up!)”.
A foreign voice, a man´s voice, echoed through the room. I still felt weak from passing out, and something was terribly wrong.
I had become a woman! Apparently a big breasted one as well judging my clevage from my new vantage point.
Still groggy and disoriented I asked in a soft voice; “Nani ga okotta?” (What happened?)”
I shocked myself, I spoke in a foreign language! I who barely could order from the menu at a mexican restaurant.
The room was strange and exotic. Instead of sturdy stone walls this house was built out of wood and paper.

The man looked at me with concern in his eyes. He told me that I was his wife and that I had dressed up for some sexy roleplaying. I had collapsed the same second I´d put on the cat mask that now was resting in my hand.

My name is now Ayano. Four years have passed since the mask event. I feigned a memory loss to help me out in my new life. Hiroshi, my husband, took care of me. He showed me great affection from the start even though I was reclusive due to my “memory loss”, but in time I saw him for the wonderful man that he is, and today we will for the first time make love as a man and a woman.


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