Once to Often

Ever since Dave found the magic dildo, this had become a nightly ritual. Oh, Dave new the rules. Hold the magic dildo and temporarily turn into a woman. Cum using the magic dildo and become a woman forever. At first, Dave found the excitement of just being a woman enough. Then curiosity at the pleasures only a woman could have became an addiction. Oh, Dave knew the danger. This is why he only played in the tub. He would pleasure himself to the very edge of cumming then turn on the shower Counting on the shock of the cold water to drag him from the brink. But the magic was strong and seemed to resent being cheated. Now each time he changed, his body became a little more feminine, a little more busty, a little more sensitive. Soon he was needing the cold water almost as soon as he started. Dave’s frustration grew until one night he had a shattering orgasm at the dildo’s first touch. When she calmed down, Dave realized the magic dildo had vanished. She smiled to herself. Now she would experience the real thing.


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