My sister was making herself ready for a night on the dance floors with her girlfriends. Myself I just had got hold of something that looked like a toy gun but was in fact a Costume Gun. Hit someone with its ray and they instantly becomes a wearable suit, or so the booklet that came with it say.
I had immersed myself in my reading of all the cool stuff the costume gun made possible when my sister barged in to my room demanding me to lend her money. Startled and with the finger on the trigger I accidentaly shot her. Her body deflated in less than a second and became a pile of clothing and skin on the floor.

I was horrified because this wasn´t my intention at all. I had set my sight on one of the jocks at school so I could screw some of the cheerleaders.
Watching the pile on the floor I got more and more curious with every passing moment. The costume gun obviously worked, but how would it really feel to put on her skin?
I could not let this opportunity slip.
With quivering hands I approached the pile and pulled out the skin. I fumbled for a bit before I found the zipper at the back if the neck, pulling it down and revealing the insides of the suit. It didn´t suprise me that it had the same color and structure as the outside.
It felt both strange and erotic when I inserted my leg into hers, taking on the features of the long and shapely leg immediately. Same happened with the other leg.
Next part was the nether regions and the butt. I pulled up the suit slowly just to let me to savor the feelings. Her snatch soon replaced my own genital, giving me a pleasurable void down there. The butt felt huge and soft, and it felt nice when I pinched my left butt cheek.
Continuing pulling up the suit I felt how my waist contracted and giving me the beginnings of an hourglass shape. Soon I would have a true one.
I inserted my arms into the openings. The fingers felt dainty and my arms were thin. The loss of muscle mass didn´t really bother me, it felt too good.
A massive weight was hanging on my chest, throwing off my balance. I had to arc my back slightly, making them sticking out even further. Those globes of flesh were mesmerizing. I ran my hands all over them, squeezing them, prodding them, pinching them. It sent waves of pleasure down to my pussy and I felt that I was becoming quite horny.
Fuck, I was becoming distracted and I wasn´t finished putting on the skin yet. Focus!
Looking down into cowl I got second thoughts. How could I steal her night like this? Remembering the feelings I just had had I pushed those thoughts quickly aside, I took a deep breath and grabbed the cowl on both sides with my slender hands and pulled it over my head.
The world became black for a second.
The senses returned and I heard a soft female panting. That must be me! I got her voice too!
Her memories filled my head and I knew I that I wouldn´t have any problems posing as her. Her memories is the foundation on how she behaves and how her mannerisms evolved.

Suddenly her phone makes a noise. One of her friends is texting if I was ready yet. Remembering that we would meet up at eight o´clock I must start to hurry. I put on her dress like I´ve done in it my whole life, fixing the rest of my makeup and brushed my hair.
I didn´t want my girlfriends to think that I forgot about them so I sent a pic back saying: “Whoops! Sry, lost track of time!”


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