Historic Curse

“Mmmmmm” Matt moaned as he licked his best friends cock.

It all started 200 years ago when Matthew’s ancestors had pissed off a powerful witch after fucking her one night and then leaving her. So the witch cast a curse on the entire bloodline. The curse would trigger on their 21st birthday, turning them into sexy goddesses to please men during the night of their 21st birthday. The catch is if a man cums anywhere on her they would stay female permanently.

Matthew had invited his best friend over for a chill birthday consisting of getting drunk and just watching movies. What Matthew didn’t know was 3 hours into the night was when he turned 21 officially. He felt sick to his stomach and ran to the bathroom. There his body twisted and contorted until he became the beauty you see before you.

Matthew let out a high pitch scream and his friend Patrick came running into see what was wrong. All he saw was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on on the floor weeping. He went over and asked what was wrong, that’s when Matthew now Meghan looked up at him with a smile and said “I didn’t believe my mother when she said she used to be a man.”

“who are you?” Patrick asked confused.

“Pat its me, Ma…..” Matt started to cry.

“M..Ma.. Matt?” asked a scared and horny Patrick.

“Yes, I never believed my family when they said we were cursed but I guess they were telling the truth”.

“Lets go sit down, you can tell me everything”.

So Matthew and Patrick sat down, opened another bottle of wine and Matthew told Patrick everything he knew about the curse. By the end of the night Matthew was on his knees giving Patrick the best blowjob he had ever received.

“God Matt, I didn’t know you knew how to give a blowjob…. Especially one this good”

“Yeah well don’t get used to it, this is a one time thing” said Matthew with a grin. “This curse only lasts one night like I said.”

“Uggghhh” Patrick grunted as he blew his load into Matthews mouth. “Uhhh Matt I am really sorry but you might be stuck like this now….” He trailed off.

Matthew didn’t care. What he hadn’t told Patrick yet is that he had decided that since neither of them could hold a relationship longer than 4 months, and that they got along so well he wanted to be his girlfriend.

“That’s okay Pat my love call me Meghan from now on”. “Hurry the hell up and stick your Throbbing cock in my dripping pussy, I want to know what it feels like to get fucked”.


The witch watched with glee as another man from the historic bloodline submitted to the curse. It wouldn’t be long now till Meghan would be popping babies out of her womb. The witch would reincarnate herself in one of them as the witch was dying and wanted the perfect host body. She might even give Meghan some of her powers for wanting to be a woman in the first place.


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