“So how do you like your gift Robert?” Ashley said to her husband.
“Oh MY GOSH!! I love it! You really are the best wife, so open to my desires.” said Robert, kissing his wife and thinking about how this came to be. He was a home sitting at is computer looking up Nu-You Bodysuits, when his wife popped up behind him. She was startled to see her husband looking up bodysuits. She shouted “Oh Am I NOT PRETTY enough for you anymore!?” Then Robert broke down and confessed that the suits he was looking were really for him. He said he was curious about bodysuits and having a lesbian experience. Startled she had to admit, she did miss her college experimentation with the fairer gender, but hadn’t since she had fallen for Robert. “Well then, why and I just finding about this now.
I told you I had the brief period in college.” Now sitting on the couch comparing boob sizes with her husband she thought this was a great idea. And she couldn’t wait for tonight to make a real woman out of him with some of the other things she ordered on the Nu-You site!


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