That necklace

The visit in the thrift shop went beyond your highest expectations. In a dusty corner you found the Necklace of Saija. Far from well known but one of your old books it was thoroughly well described.
With the proper incantations you can change a person in both body and mind, depending on how you “program” it.
Finally you had found something your wife couldn´t nag on you about how worthless it was and a waste of your money.
Then a plan began to form in your head.
You could use the necklace to improve her, your love life had grown stale anyway.
She liked jewellry, it would be enough to program the necklace and then place it in the open. It wouldn´t take long before she you put it on.
Let´s see now, top priority would be to give her a hot body. Then I should make her adore me above all else, and do everything she can to keep me happy. She need to be comfortable with the changes as well. Oh yes, add a reailty change too so no one freaks out when my wife goes from mousy to busty in just one day.

The trap was set. The necklace was placed in the living room and easy to spot. You just had to wait.
Suddenly you heard that the front door opened, “Good, she´s home”, you thought; “Soon I will see the results”.
The necklace scraped at the table when it was picked up.
A heavy thud flew through the living room and you guessed that she had put on the necklace and wasn´t able to handle the transformation standing.
Slowly the door to the kitchen were you had hid opened.
A ravishing young woman wearing the Necklace of Saija smiled at you, calling you honey and seemed to have a lustful gleam in her eyes. She pracictally undressed you with her eyes. She herself was barely dressed at all.
This would be soo good, you mused.

Then the front door opened again and a very familiar voice called out; “Roger, I`m home. You haven´t taken out the trash yet. How many times do I need to remind you?”.
Your brain freeze up. How is this possible? If that is my wife, who is this brunette bombshell then? Well, was. Then it hit you, your wife´s younger brother would come visit today. And as usual he just can´t leave other peoples stuff alone. Bad for him, good for you.
Now it seems like you have two wives, one who is beutiful without compare and the original boring one.

Ah well. It is easy to fix that. You can still improve her with the necklace.


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