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Carl and David often argued about who was better about bringing home girls. They both insisted that they were sexier, better at flirting, etc. Read more

Southern Belles, Chapter Two: The Pastor’s Daughte

Victoria proved to be a bit more of a difficult sell than Wendy. Not only had she grown up in the South, but she was actually a Baptist preacher’s daughter. It had basically been ingrained into her that any contact with anyone romantically was bad, at least until marriage. Read more

A New Way to Tinder

Here at Charming Night, we know you enjoy the casual dating scene of Tinder. We know you love the fun that it comes with and swiping right on all of the beautiful ladies. Read more

Disney is for Girls

“You know TJ, I’m tired of you making fun of me for liking Disney. Especially Disney princesses. Those movies are magical, and I don’t know how you don’t understand that.” Read more

The Weird Friend

In school, I was always the “weird friend.” The one that no one really wanted around, but didn’t really have the heart to tell them to go away. Read more

Bros Weekend

It was supposed to be a Bros Weekend. Kyle and his five closest guy friends were all going out to Luke’s cabin for the weekend, where they would shoot guns, drink beer, and have fun. Read more


Getting an internship out of college in the business industry was tough. Everyone wanted more and more experience. Read more