Raunchy Video Games

“I am your mother, and you will do as I say!”

My friend James had come over, and we were playing video games. Just horsing around.

My mom walked in, getting ready for a lady’s night out, when she saw what we were playing.

“What is this? Why are all of these women dressed like this?”

It was a fighting game, and I was playing as a beautiful warrior, he wore a revealing cloak, her curves revealed by the shortness of it. Impractical, yes. But very hot.

“No, mom, it’s just a game,” I said.

“You have no respect for women, son. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up just like your father! I think we need to nip this in the bud. James, take off your pants.”

James, too frightened to talk back, quickly removed his trousers.

“And as for you, son,” she said, “it’s time for a lesson.”

I felt a weight on my chest, looking down to two giant tits extending from my chest. My legs became smooth and hairless, and my gym shorts and t-shirt morphed into a tank top and skirt.

“It’s time for you to experience the woman’s side of things,” my mom said. She grabbed my now flowing hair, holding it into a ponytail, and forced me down to James’s cock. I had no choice but to take it and start sucking.

James moaned, and I, actually, kind of liked it. He tasted good, and I felt sexy. He filled up my mouth as I bobbed up and down.

“Do a good job, and make sure you learn your lesson,” mom said. “If I come home to these video games again, we’re going to start working on you becoming a mother. That’ll make sure you have respect.”

His dick still sliding in and out between my lips, I thought to myself that wouldn’t be so bad. He felt good in my mouth. He probably feels good everywhere.

I’m only playing those games from now on.


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