Getting an internship out of college in the business industry was tough. Everyone wanted more and more experience.

Lee had been rejected more times than he could count. It seemed like every time he turned on his computer, he had another email apologizing for not being able to use him.

Finally, against all odds, he got a position at a startup in the city. He was so excited, he got an apartment, found a roommate, and spent a lot of money to get up there.

More money than he should have spent. He needed to make this work.

He enjoyed the company, completing assignments pretty regularly. But he had a lot of trouble getting projects in on time. He trailed behind the other interns in productivity, and knew that he had little hope of being hired after his internship.

One day, while thinking about this, he saw the sign for the Charming Night store down the street, and he found exactly what he needed.

The next day, he came into the office with long hair, perfect makeup, and extremely revealing clothing. He visited the boss, and showed his worth as a worker.

Three years later, Lisa was already on the fast track to company VP.


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