Carl and David often argued about who was better about bringing home girls. They both insisted that they were sexier, better at flirting, etc.

One evening, at a party, they had the conversation again, raising their voices, even yelling. All of their friends were laughing, finding it hilarious how worked up they were.

That was when Amy spoke up.

“Look, the only way to figure out who’s better at bedding people is a bet. We need to decide on a mark, then you both compete to see who can bed them first.”

Everyone at the party agreed, and all of the friends leaned in, discussing who to choose.

“Okay,” said Amy, “Your mark is… your neighbor.”

“Wait, what? Mr. Johnson?” said David. Mr. Johnson was the thirty-year old man next door. He was single, introverted, and while he had brought home women once or twice, he didn’t seem to do much with them.

“Why did you have to pick a guy?” said Carl.

“It makes it more interesting,” said Amy.

Carl backed out. He couldn’t handle it.

But David didn’t. He sat thinking for a minute, then got up. Everyone watched him go to the cabinet, pull out a strange pink liquid, and gulp it down. Before their eyes, his body morphed into that of a beautiful Asian woman, as he proceeded to leave the apartment and go next door.

Based on the moans and screams they heard later, they confirmed that David had indeed won the bet.


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