Bros Weekend

It was supposed to be a Bros Weekend. Kyle and his five closest guy friends were all going out to Luke’s cabin for the weekend, where they would shoot guns, drink beer, and have fun.

Until someone slipped the gender change potion into Kyle’s rum.

The guys all watched as Kyle sprouted tits, his hair grew out, and he became a sexy babe.

Brian’s and Mark’s jaws dropped, and Andrew suggested they cut the trip short, and go get the counter potion. Kyle resisted, saying that he wanted to finish the weekend out. Just because he had tits and a vagina, doesn’t mean he couldn’t be one of the guys. Luke offered to let him use some of his sister’s clothes that were in the other room, but Kyle denied that as well.

They drank the rest of the night, but no one could keep their eyes off of Kyle for too long.

They all noticed the next morning when Kyle was wearing Luke’s sister’s clothes. “They’re more comfortable,” he said. “It’s just for the weekend.”

Three of them noticed Kyle putting on makeup in the bathroom. He said that if he was going to be a girl, he might as well look good.

Two of them noticed when Kyle answered the phone, and said, “This is Kylie.” They asked, and he said it was just a mistake.

While the others were outside at the lake, only Brian saw Kyle staring at his crotch. “Kyle, are you feeling okay?”

“I’m fine!” he said, and stormed over to the laundry room. Brian followed, and saw Kyle sitting in the middle of the room.

“Do you want to talk about it? You seem to be acting pretty girly.”

“I’m not! I’m…I’m…” He lost track when he noticed a giant bulge in Brian’s pants. Brian walked closer, and without thinking, Kyle grabbed it.

Brian pulled his head in closer. “It’s okay Kyle. It’s perfectly natural.”

Filled with lust over the cock, Kyle whispered, “Call me Kylie.”

After that, the Bros Weekend ended up as a lot more fun for everyone involved.


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