How Insatiable Is He?

My friend (with benefits) Lucy was over, and we made a bet.

My roommate Ben had a different lady home about every night. He was insatiable, a real horndog.

Lucy decided to bet me on his limits, saying there was no limit to his depravity. I disagreed. Sure, he was a player, but he had limits.

“Oh yeah?” she said. “Well, how about this. I bought this potion from the store down the street.” She pulled a pink bottle out of her purse. “It’s supposed to turn you into a hot member of the opposite gender. How about we turn you into a girl, tell Ben, and see if he’s still up for it.”

Smirking, I agreed. The potion probably didn’t even work.

She handed me the bottle, and I drank it down. It tasted like lemonade. I felt a rush of air around my body, and looked down. My shirt and shorts tightened up. My hips and butt expanded, and my arms and legs became small and dainty. My lips plumped out, and locks of hair cascaded in front of my eyes.

Lucy took me in front of the mirror.

“What do you think?” she said. I thought I looked pretty gorgeous.

We sat on the couch, waiting for Ben to get home. Finally, he walked in, and stopped, surprised at the beautiful woman he’d never met before.

“Who are you?” he said.

“It’s your roommate, Matthew,” I said, half-smiling.

“Matthew? Holy shit, what happened?”

“He took some of this gender-changing potion,” said Lucy, showing Ben the bottle. “And he has a question for you.”

“Can I give you a blowjob?” I said as sexily as possible. I eyed Lucy. He would never say yes.

By the time I looked back at him, his pants were already around his ankles. I looked at Lucy again. What was I supposed to do now?

“Better see how far he’ll go,” she whispered. Ben stepped in front of me, his cock inches from my face. I heard Lucy let out a laugh.

Not seeing a way to back out, I opened my mouth, and he slid his member between my lips and into my throat. He closed his eyes and moaned, and I started sucking, before realizing that he might go a lot farther tonight than I thought…


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