What could go wrong?

My girlfriend sent me a link to a bodysuit store. “Wait? what is this?” I asked. “Well, I don’t want to go to the beach without my boyfriend” she said. “And since it is an all girls trip, I thought you could go as a woman”. I can’t say I wasn’t intrigued, but pretend to be a woman for a week? that was almost impossible.

“They have different models” she said, “I bet you can find a girl you like”. I kept browsing through all the suits, they had, redheads, brunettes, latinas, asians, any kind of girl you could think off. But the last option caught my eye, “We can build your bodysuit out of any picture”. Maybe I could go as a celebrity, or as my girlfriend’s cousin, or older sister. I couldn’t believe I was actually giving this serious thought. “Fine I’ll go, but as your older sister. What could go wrong?” I said. She agreed. “Send me a picture, I will edit it to look like an older you” I said.

After modifing the picture, I bought the suit. “Shipment will arrive in 2 to 3 business days” Which was perfect, we would be leaving on our trip in 4 days. The next few days we planned everything, a backstory for me, my name, and every single detail we could think of. We bought bathing suits, bikinis, dresses. I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought that they were for me.

It was already thursday, as I got home from work, I called my girlfriend. “It’s here! the bodysuit arrived” she said excitedly. I drove to her home. We took the suit out of the box, it looked exactly as my girlfriend, “I bet that after I put it on, I will look like your older sister” I said. I took my clothes off. I looked for an openning on the suit, which was located right at the waist. I slid both my legs inside. It felt kind of gooey. I couldn’t believe how real the legs and feet looked, “look, I am sexy” I said. I streched the suit a little to get the rest of me inside. Hands went in without any problem, the face took some adjusting, but we got it in the right position quite quickly.

“Wow, you look just like me” she said. “But a little older?” I asked, “No, you look like my twin”. I walked to the mirror, and she was right, I looked just like her, except my skin wasn’t as tan as hers. “I feel weird inside this suit” I said, “Plus my voice is still male, I’ll have to go as your mute sister?”.

She looked for a manual, “oh here it is, it has several instructions” she said, “First, to activate the suit, and initiate the voice overlap, say outlous <Suit Activate>”. I smiled, “ok, here goes nothing, <suit activate>” I said. I felt the suit thightening. I didn’t feel the goo inside the suit anymore. “Hey, it fits perfectly” I said with a high pitched voice. “And my voice changed” I said while touching my neck. I felt my hand touch. “Wait, this is so real” I couldn’t help but pass my hands through the rest of my body. As I touched my breasts, I felt a little aroussed, they were so sensitive. I felt my nipples get erect. “I think you should dress” she said, after akwardly looking at me.

That night I stayed at her place, I had already asked for a week off work. I couldn’t believe how similar I looked to my girlfriend, I could be her twin sister. I tried to kiss her, but she pulled back. “I guess for now you are my sister, you can go around kissing me” she said. That was a bummer, but she was right. “I am Kat, and remember, for now, you are Kim”

The next day we took our trip to the beach with her friends. “This is Kim… my sister” she kept introducing me. Everyone asked how they didn’t know me, “well, she was living in Europe with my uncle” Kat said. Most of the trip went on without a hitch. Although acting girly came somewhat natural, it was weird getting hit on by guys.

One night I got completely wasted, I bet it was this damn bodysuit, I became such a lightweight. The next morning as I woke up, I saw Kat sitting on the balcony, topless, she had breakfast for two. She was waiting for me. I had a pounding headache, I couldn’t remember anything about last night. “Sit down” she said, I was wearing only a bra and panties. As I sat down I felt some kind of a rash between my legs. “I think this suit has run its course” I said. She looked kind of angry. “You don’t remember, don’t you?” she asked. I didn’t know what she was talking about. I grabbed some orange juice, and after taking a sip, said”no, not really”.

“We were just talking, when a random guy came to our table, and whispered something in your ear. And then you just stood up, and started making out with that guy” she said, I was surprised, I didn’t remember anything. “I tried to stop you, but you kept pushing me away. You brought the guy to our hotel room and you two had sex. The moaning was horrible, my friends laughed at how much of a whore you were”. I couldn’t believe her, she must be playing some kind of joke on me, but that sure explained the “rash” on my crotch.

“I must have been drunk” I said, “you didn’t drink a drop of beer or wine. You were on your five senses” she said. But clearly I wasn’t, “that isn’t me, I wouldn’t cheat on you, and I wouldn’t sleep with a guy. It must be this damn suit” I sait as I tried taking off the suit, but I couldn’t find the suit seam anymore. It was then when I came to the realization I had merged the suit with myself. “No, wait! where is the manual?” I asked, “Back home. why?”

“I can’t take the suit off, we need the manual, please” I told her. She realized that random guy somehow knew I was wearing a bodysuit and used a command to turn me into a bimbo. It wasn’t until we got home and did some research that we found out she was right, that it was indeed a suit command and made me have sex with that random guy. And worst of all, he had used the merge command. I was now, and forever my girlfriend’s twin.


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