Disney is for Girls

“You know TJ, I’m tired of you making fun of me for liking Disney. Especially Disney princesses. Those movies are magical, and I don’t know how you don’t understand that.”

“Thankfully, I planned ahead. I want you to think. Who’s the main lady of Disney? That’s right, Minnie Mouse.”

“What’s that? Oh, yes, I put a curse on the word. Every time I say Minnie – oops, there it goes again – you become a little more girly, and a little more into Disney. As you might have noticed, you dropped a couple of inches and your hair grew out a little. It looks cute that way, honestly.”

“No, I’m serious. Minnie would approve. She would also like that nail color. Is that the shade Minnie usually wears? Oh of course you should show them off like that, we’re not trying to hide them behind gloves. That’s one thing Minnie got wrong.”

“I love your lip gloss, TJ! No, don’t wipe it off. What would Minnie do in this situation? She’d probably comment on how pretty your hair is when grows to your shoulders like that. Too bad Minnie doesn’t have any hair. And it has volume now! You are rocking that!”

“TJ, Minnie wouldn’t use words like that! That’s right, cover your mouth. Wait, is that your voice? That’s adorable, you sound like you missed puberty! A few more steps and you’ll sound just like Minnie! You’ll look her if your waist keeps thinning like that too. You know, if Minnie was a human, and not a mouse. Could I call you Minnie the human?”

“Hey, you’re growing breasts! And I like the color of that top, it’s so pretty! Is that the color Minnie wears! You’re right, it is! Are you humming Disney tunes? How sweet.”

“This is so much fun. Minnie! Those eyes! Minnie! That curtsy! Minnie! Those tits! Minnie! That smile! You’re becoming so beautiful Minnie, can I call you Minnie? Minnie seems like a name that would work, but I don’t know if you look like a Minnie. Not TJ, definitely, but not Minnie either.”

“Should it be Minnie or Jenny? Minnie or Barbara? Minnie, or Lindsey?”

“You know what, with that dress, that face, and that bubbly personality, I’m feeling Lindsey. I love the Minnie ears too.”

“I wonder how much girlier you can become. Do you think you’ll start liking boys? Will you only wear dresses? Who will be your favorite Disney princess?”

“I’m willing to test it out. Minnie. Minnie. Minnie. Minnie. Minnie. Minnie………”


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