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Nick Hercules

“Wow, now THAT is a pair of udders!” Greg laughed as he saw her struggling to lift the weight of just the bar and mechanism. No actual weights were attached. Read more

Origin of the Magic, part 4

“Brianna!” Fiona screamed.
“Fiona, Henri! I’m so glad to see you guys.”
“As am I”, Henri agreed.
Suddenly Brianna began to moan and scream.
“Bri, what’s happening?”
“My chest. There is some sort of… Ack… Pain”
Fiona looked like she’d panic and Henri began squeezing her breasts, so that milk came out of the nipples.
“Oh, that is so good!” Brianna screamed in relief.
“And we have a solution for our food problem.”
“What? You want my milk? I am no cow!”
“Well, it seems like just produce milk. Why shouldn’t we use it, if we need it?” Henri provoked.
“I’m out!” Brianna screamed and ran away from the couple.
“Do you think she’ll eventually give in?” Fiona asked her boyfriend.
“I think so”, Henri answered and kissed her. Read more

Paying Dues

“Oh, dammit! Not again, girls! Grrr! I swear I’m starting to lactate more often… God, why the hell did I go to that creepy witch in that creepy shop and ask for her help. I was just a struggling MALE aspiring actor. I was sick of audition after audition and never getting anything, so I asked, no DEMANDED that the witch cast some kind of spell to make me a guaranteed hit in show business… I guess I wasn’t clear enough about what KIND of ‘show business’. She blew some powder in my face and chanted some weird words, and everything went white. When I opened my eyes I was nothing but a teenage boy’s living wet dream! The bitch actually had the nerve to ask for payment! My huge tits bounced as I stormed out of there, and guys have been ogling me ever since. I resisted them for a few days but it got harder and harder. Once my tits started lactating, I was becoming to horny to think straight. I fucked almost every guy I knew. I guess I should’ve just payed the bitch, because eventually I was lactating and getting horny every day. I just wanted to wake up from this nightmare. I finally went back to the shop to pay the witch anything to change me back… but she had disappeared.
I’ve tried to make the best of it, but the only parts I ever get cast for are small roles in bad sex comedies where I, of course, have to go nude, or horror movies where I get my head chopped off after a sex scene. My agent just says I’m “paying my dues”, and all actors have to go through it, but I feel like I’m getting nowhere the way things are now. I’ve been thinking… maybe it’s just time to call Horndogz Studios back. With my body and… ‘milky trick’, they’ve been after me. Oh well, if you can’t be a star… be a porn star.

Gene Pool (3)

In the past few months, it had become abundantly clear that the function of the nanites was to drastically increase human fertility. Carlita had quickly become pregnant after sleeping with Mr. Ramon so many times. Mr. Ramon insisted that she live with him in his house and have the baby. He assured her that she and the baby would be taken care of for the rest of their lives. In her mind, Carlita was still an immature male college football player. She couldn’t believe that she was pregnant. She couldn’t believe how much she wanted to constantly have sex with a man. She couldn’t believe that she said “yes” when Mr. Ramon proposed to her. She couldn’t believe that her giant tits were already lactating when she was only 3 months pregnant!

Where I Got Them Part 9

Unfortunately there was one thing my male mind never considered would happen to my body after sex: pregnancy. However it did lead me to learning something new about myself: I had a big thing for pregnant women! I stepped into the bathroom, and caught a glimpse of my belly in the mirror. I stepped back, pulling my shirt up as I did so. I rubbed my belly before reaching down into my stretchy pants, sliding my fingers into my moist slit. I reached up, and squeezed one of my boobs. A small bead of milk squirted from my nipple.
“I hope you’re thirsty, cause Mommy’s got a lot for you to drink,” I said to my engorged belly. If only I could be pregnant all the time…

Enhanced Milk Part 4

Ellis walked into the living room, and was greeted with her favorite sight: Janine, on her hands and knees, her tits having just burst free from another top.
“Is it mmmilking time, mistress?” the extended “m” had nothing to do with the spell. Ellis simply had her cow trained.
“By the looks of those udders, I’d say so!” she shouted, lifting a sloshy milk-filled tit. She went to go get the milking machine, and hooked it up to one nipple. Only one.
“Mmmistress, what are you doing? What about my other boobie?” Janine said, feeling slightly worried.
“Oh, I thought I’d try something a little different,” she said offhandedly. “It seems that the longer I leave your milk in there, the more potent it becomes, and plenty of girls are willing to pay extra for faster results. So from now on, one of your udders will be milked daily for the usual supply, and the other will be let go, to fill until the end of the week.
Janine didn’t say anything, only lowered her head to watch as her right tit deflated, but her right remained plump and full as ever…

Enhanced Milk Part 3

“Is it milk time yet, mistress?” Janine said, on her hands and knees on the kitchen floor. It had taken six months for Ellis to turn her into an obedient milk-cow, but she had finally done it.
“Hmm, I think it is,” Ellis said, her J-cup tits bouncing in her tight bra as she walked over to Janine, the milking machine in her hands. “We have to keep the supply up, after all!” She had finally decided to sell Janine’s milk, and it had been quite the successful venture. Tons of girls of all sizes came and bought it by the gallons. They didn’t know where it came from, and Ellis was pretty sure they didn’t care. And Janine was too obedient to tell anybody.
Ellis hooked up the pump to Janine’s nipples, and the cow let out a soft moan as the milk was pulled from her heavy full breasts. Ellis no longer cared about the woman kneeling on the floor, who used to be her boyfriend. No, now she only cared about the milk she produced, and the money it would make her. She stroked her cow’s long hair, and watched as her udders deflated.

NuBoobs Part 4

“Holy shit this woman has some huge nipples,” Fran said looking through the app. “But, her tits are just the right size…” her voice trailed off as she selected Rosa’s picture.
Just like the others who used the app, her small chest swelled instantly, growing multiple cup sizes in moments. Finally when the growth had settled, she lifted her stretched shirt to examine them.
“Woah, these things are huge!” she said, extremely pleased with her new bust. “I didn’t know big boobs sloshed around so much though,” she thought just before giving one of her new tits a squeeze. A droplet of milk squirted from her engorged nipple. Fran just started at it in shock. She didn’t know this is what happened when you swapped with a pregnant woman.
And with no baby to feed, we hope she’s thirsty.

Pregnancy test

I was walking in the Park and my attention was drawn by a strange mansion, which I had not seen before in the area. I decided to watch it closer as it looked abandoned. I walked around the mansion, no one was inside, at least I thought so. I went inside and looked around, climbed the stairs and entered the first room. It was dark, I found the switch and turned on the light, my clothes suddenly vanished, I was completely naked. I was scared, i turned and began to pull the door handle, hoping to escape from the mansion but the door was tightly closed. I began to inspect the room it was in pink tones at the wall stood a cradle, opposite the cradle was a huge mirror, and near the cradle stood the nightstand. Something caught my attention on it, i walked over to get a closer look, it was a pregnancy test. Don’t know why I took it and look closer, the test was positive. Suddenly I felt warmth all over the body. The warmth began to concentrate in my pelvis and I felt it began to expand. I turned to the mirror and looked at my reflection, and it began to change. My hips widened wider and wider, becoming a huge women’s childbearing hips. Fat accumulated in my thighs and buttocks, making my ass feminine and curvy. My cock was quickly drawn in my body turning into delicate, feminine pussy. I was horrified knowing what was happening to me. The pregnancy test was turning me into a beautiful woman. While I hold it warmth concentrated in my chest. I looked up and saw in the mirror as my nipples began to swell. My areolas began to expand and I felt my mammary glands inside the breast began to develop rapidly. Fat immediately began to form in my Breasts and they began to grow turning into a huge feminine Tits full of milk. As soon as my womb was formed, I felt like a huge warm water explosion occurred inside of me. I looked down at my belly as it immediately start to expand in the mirror reflection, turning me into a nine month pregnant woman. My belly was huge, somewhere deep in my mind I knew that I was pregnant with twins. Once the transformation was over I looked down at my body, my huge belly and pet it. Thoughts about motherhood filled my mind and I put the pregnancy test on the table.


There I was, just sitting at home playing video games, when suddenly a bright light filled my vision, and instantly I was somewhere else. I felt intense pleasure coming from my groin, and opening my eyes I knew why.
Somehow I had swapped bodies with the big-boobed slut from down the street. She had always been the talk of the town. About how she brought a different guy home every night, and about how the last one had finally managed to get her pregnant.
Moving my eyes away from the man penetrating my new vagina, I caught a glimpse of my wobbling tit, spewing milk everywhere from a massively engorged nipple.
Something tells me that last rumor had more truth to it than I wanted to believe…