NuBoobs Part 4

“Holy shit this woman has some huge nipples,” Fran said looking through the app. “But, her tits are just the right size…” her voice trailed off as she selected Rosa’s picture.
Just like the others who used the app, her small chest swelled instantly, growing multiple cup sizes in moments. Finally when the growth had settled, she lifted her stretched shirt to examine them.
“Woah, these things are huge!” she said, extremely pleased with her new bust. “I didn’t know big boobs sloshed around so much though,” she thought just before giving one of her new tits a squeeze. A droplet of milk squirted from her engorged nipple. Fran just started at it in shock. She didn’t know this is what happened when you swapped with a pregnant woman.
And with no baby to feed, we hope she’s thirsty.


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