Pregnancy test

I was walking in the Park and my attention was drawn by a strange mansion, which I had not seen before in the area. I decided to watch it closer as it looked abandoned. I walked around the mansion, no one was inside, at least I thought so. I went inside and looked around, climbed the stairs and entered the first room. It was dark, I found the switch and turned on the light, my clothes suddenly vanished, I was completely naked. I was scared, i turned and began to pull the door handle, hoping to escape from the mansion but the door was tightly closed. I began to inspect the room it was in pink tones at the wall stood a cradle, opposite the cradle was a huge mirror, and near the cradle stood the nightstand. Something caught my attention on it, i walked over to get a closer look, it was a pregnancy test. Don’t know why I took it and look closer, the test was positive. Suddenly I felt warmth all over the body. The warmth began to concentrate in my pelvis and I felt it began to expand. I turned to the mirror and looked at my reflection, and it began to change. My hips widened wider and wider, becoming a huge women’s childbearing hips. Fat accumulated in my thighs and buttocks, making my ass feminine and curvy. My cock was quickly drawn in my body turning into delicate, feminine pussy. I was horrified knowing what was happening to me. The pregnancy test was turning me into a beautiful woman. While I hold it warmth concentrated in my chest. I looked up and saw in the mirror as my nipples began to swell. My areolas began to expand and I felt my mammary glands inside the breast began to develop rapidly. Fat immediately began to form in my Breasts and they began to grow turning into a huge feminine Tits full of milk. As soon as my womb was formed, I felt like a huge warm water explosion occurred inside of me. I looked down at my belly as it immediately start to expand in the mirror reflection, turning me into a nine month pregnant woman. My belly was huge, somewhere deep in my mind I knew that I was pregnant with twins. Once the transformation was over I looked down at my body, my huge belly and pet it. Thoughts about motherhood filled my mind and I put the pregnancy test on the table.


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