Timid Tanya

Tim was finally ready to go out, after four weeks in the Change Clinic. He had opted for a transformation into a beautiful babe, and the training and counseling he would need for his new life as a woman. Despite looking gorgeous, and getting ready on his own, he was still thinking in the back of his mind, what if he still looked like a dude somehow? That was absurd of course, however, he just wasn’t use to going out as his new self, and needed to build confidence.

Once he, now she strutted her stuff out of the clinic into the world, she felt more and more confident of her body and new identity in the world. She would soon realize however, that she would be treated differently now as well, and a pretty woman like herself had to be careful. Eventually she would go from mall shopping to clubs and perhaps even bars, but for now she wanted to take it slow. Seeing her reflection in a mall store window, she smiled, realizing this was her now, and she loved every minute of it. Tim was gone, and Tanya was born.


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