Stuck as Melissa Part 4: Cam Girl

So here’s my new plan, call in sick with the flu for the rest of the week and become a cam girl. No contact with men means no chance I get fucked by one, and at the same time I can ruin this little bitch’s life. After just two nights of cam’ing for an hour on a free website, I had more than a 1000 viewers. It’s amazing what a little masturbation can do. The best thing was I /finally/ got some relief. I don’t know if I just got better at the task or what, but sticking a vibrator in this body’s pussy on camera did the trick.
Tonight is my fourth night in Melissa’s body, and for the first time I finally feel like I’m going to pull it all off. Not just that, but I’m going to kick it up a notch when I’m streaming and fucking myself on camera. In her closet I found a sexy, latex French maid outfit, so it’s time to do some roleplaying.
As soon as I put on the uniform, I also put myself into character. My uniform is tight, just the way my master likes it. I clean my master’s room a little, but then I start thinking about him fucking me and my pussy gets wet. The latex of this outfit is making me even hotter. I can’t take it anymore…I never wear panties to give master easy access, so when I lay on the bed with my legs spread open it’s not hard to get to work. I take my feather duster and stick it in my pussy. Faster and faster I work it in me. I try to keep it down, so I don’t wake up anyone, but small moans start to escape my mouth. Then tiny screams. Then loud screams. My hips are trusting upwards and I’m furiously fucking myself as I finally lout out a scream of pleasure. I keep going…over and over, I pump the makeshift dildo inside me…I lose track of time…lose track of where I am…who I am…
Oh fuck…is someone at the door…?
I get out the bed and tip toe to the front…slowly and carefully making as little noise as one can in 6 inch heels…
I’m about to look through the peep hole when…I hear a voice:

“Hey, open up in there!!!”
It’s a man’s voice. I have to open the door or I’m stuck in this body forever. Oh no…
Comment who is at the door and also please comment exactly what the person who shows up tells Melissa to do. Like Robert/Melissa, I don’t want to have control over what happens next. Going with first comment no matter what. Thanks =)


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