Genie Series #10. @Rincewind42

“That’s a fun wish” Genie said while reading the next wish, “My name is Will, and I wish to be loved by everyone around me”. It was easy to know how it will turn out. “I am sure that Will will get more than he wished for” Genie said before saying “wish granted” and disappearing.

Will was driving home, when a think fog started obstructing his view. He pulled over, and waited a little bit for it to disipate. The fog was pink in hue, but he didn’t give it much thought. The fog started to pour inside his car from the air conditioner. He inhaled a little bit of the fog, and felt light headed. Few minutes later, the gof was gone. He started up his car and continued driving. He was unaware of the changes that had transpired. At the next traffic light, he stopped near a sports car. He took a quick shy look at the girl. But the girl kept looking at him, with lust. He must have blushed, and the girl smiled.

After driving for a couple of more blocks, the disturbing part started. A man knocked on his window, and gave him a piece of paper “call me” he said. Will looked at the piece of paper and had the man’s phone number. It wasn’t until that moment that he saw his new feminine hands. He adjusted his rearview mirror, and saw hernew self. Redhead, great body, she was her own wet dream. Suddenly it wasn’t awkward the man had given her his phone. She was even contemplating calling him. She looked on her passenger seat, and found a purse. Her purse. Inside was her driving license. “Wendy” she said her name outloud.

Her wish had been to be loved by everyone. But she had no idea that would turn her into a woman. That very same day, she stopped at a random pool party, where 4 girls were just having fun. It didn’t matter she was a stranger to them, as soon as she got close to them, they were all over her, kissing her, massaging her, fingering her. It was the perfect way to start her new life.

Later on she learned to live with her new gift. She became a little more careful, but she still used her new power to her advantage. Everyone who was in a 10 feet radius, either men or women, fell completely in love with her.


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