Genie Series #30. @tiffany23

“Hello Genie! My name is Trent and I’m getting bored as the CEO of my company. I wish that I could live a much simpler life with a more menial life” Genie smiled as she read Trents wish. “I know exactly what he needs. Wish granted” she said, and as faded away into pink holographic symbols.

Trent was at work, sitting alone in his office. He had just fired his last secretary, she was caught stealing money. “Miss Bennet please come to my office” he called the company’s receptionist. It was time to promote her. While he waited for her, he was checking his email, “Today is your day” was the subject of the most recent one. He was about to read it, when someone knocked at his door. It was Tiffany Bennet. “Come in” he said as he layed down his phone.

Tiffany Bennet was cute, and if it wasn’t by the fact that she was quite shy, she would be sexy and hot too. “You called me” she asked Trent. “Yes, Please sit down” Trent said and pointed to a chair. “As you know, we have just caught Mrs. Cooper stealing from the company. It was sad to let her go. But this all translates to good news for you” he said. Tiffany knew where this was going, but tried to hide her smile.

“I have personally selected you, to…” as he was about to finish the sentence, he noticed his phone turned on by itself, he picked it up, and saw some random code running on its screen. He couldn’t look away, it was like the code was registering something into his mind. Three seconds later, everything changed for him. He was sitting down, across his own desk, looking at himself. He took a quick look at his hands, and noticed they looked slender and feminine. “I am in her body” he whispered.

Tifanny was in Trent’s body. “Why am I?” she said, but she couldn’t stop looking at the phone. Her mind was being rewritten, in no time, she would believe she had always been trent. In the mean time, Trent, in Tiffany’s body, couldn’t help but further inspect his new body. He ran his new hands over his smooth feminine legs. Adjusted his bra, attempting to feel his breasts.

“Sorry about that” Tifanny in Trent’s body said. “I was saying, I have personally selected ou to be my new assistant”. Trent, in Tiffany’s body, cleared her throath, “Thank you sir, I feel honored”. He heard his new voice for the first time. Which made him blush. “Of course there will be a big raise. Bur for now, go home, celebrate. Tomorrow you’ll start working as my personal assistant and secretary”.

Trent, now Tiffanny thanked her boss again and left. While on the elevator, she started to wonder, what Tifanny’s current life was like. But as soon as she reached the first floor, some of her memories became accessible. “I am married, well recently wed” she whispered. “My husband is hawt” she thought as an image of him popped into her mind.

She took a cab home, and dressed kind of slutty for her husband. And waited for him. She started possing, revealing her breasts, and flashing her wet pussy at him. He got the idea, and fucked her brains out. This new life was everything she wanted and more. Afterwards, they cuddled for a while. “I got big news” she said, “I was promoted. Big raise and all”. Her husband seemed happy for her.

She became the perfect secretary, and her more menial job did release some of her stress. Although, having sex everyday did relief her stress even more. Her promotion a few weeks ago were big news for sure, but nothing compared to the news she will learn a couple of weeks from now, when nausea and dizziness hits her.


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