Body AirBnB

Body AirBnB changed everything. You could spend an entire weekend in someone else’s body instead of just their home.

You could select what your borrowed body would be doing when the swap occurred. Choices included options such as waking up in bed, changing clothes, showering, or just sitting around the house in yoga pants.

Greg selected Stacey because she had that ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ look to her. She was cute and sexy, but all of her pictures indicated that she was pretty well off and her profile had no mention of a job.

Stacey signed up for Body AirBnB to prove to herself and her parents that she could support herself. She hoped they would never find out how she earned her money, but nonetheless was proud of herself for taking some initiative.

Stacey was very selective when it came to her swaps. If they were going to spend their time in her body doing god knows what, she felt she should be someone physically attractive enough for her to have her own fun. She went over Greg’s profile and decided he was just good looking enough to bring home a bar skank or two.

Greg had opted for the “Dealer’s Choice” selection for the time of the swap, which was always Stacey’s favorite. A lot of guys wanted to spend time as her so she was always sure they got the full Stacey Experience.


Greg couldn’t stop checking his watch every thirty seconds. Three o’clock couldn’t come soon enough. It was his first time swapping with a woman and the anticipation was killing him. All he wanted to do was squeeze his own pair of boobs for the first time.

He wondered what Stacey would be doing when he arrived in her body. He was so torn between all of the options he thought it would be better to let her decide. Greg was hoping to be standing in front of a mirror in some sexy lingerie. He looked at his watch. 2:59PM…


The sight of Greg’s watch was immediately replaced be a giant cock. Greg had never seen one so big, let alone from that perspective. Reality set in quickly when he felt something resting on his lower lip. He tried to speak but his tongue just brushed up against the tip of the penis that was patiently waiting to be serviced. Greg looked up.

“Welcome to Stacey’s body,” the man attached to the massive appendage said. His hand was placed firmly on Stacey’s body’s shoulder. “I’m her neighbor, Rick. She asked me to come over to show you what her body is capable of.”

Greg could only stare up at Rick with the tip of his cock precariously resting on Stacey’s lovely lips. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to see what it was a like to be a woman but giving a blowjob was pretty low on his to-do list. He hadn’t even had a chance to feel his tits yet!

“She wanted me to start you off with what she’s best at,” Rick explained. “Now relax your jaw and breathe through your nose.”

Before Greg could protest Rick began to slowly force his cock into Stacey’s waiting mouth. A million thoughts raced through Greg’s mind. The most predominant was that he had a man’s cock in his mouth and his throat was happily accommodating it.

As the tip of Rick’s cock hit the back of his borrowed throat, Greg became aware of his current body’s sensations.

Sensitive nipples hardened against the cups of the bra that wrapped around his chest. Weight shifted forward in the cups as he leaned forward to take more of Rick’s member into Stacey’s mouth. A warmth stirred in his crotch and he felt a dampness permeate what he could only assume to be a thong that crept between he supple ass.

Stacey’s body was getting turned on by being used this way. It was designed to please a man and it took pleasure in doing so. Greg closed his eyes and took a second to take in everything that was happening.

Rick firmly grabbed the back of what was now Greg’s head and held it in place as he slowly withdrew his dick. Greg gasped for breath after the head of cock escaped his lips and teasingly bobbed in front of his face.

He spoke his first words in Stacey’s body.

“Do that again,” an undeniably sexy female voice begged.


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