Genie Series #11. @stryke89

“My name is Alex, and I wish to become a hot naughty gamer girl!” Genie read outloud. “I love these kind of wishes, straight and simple” she said. “Wish granted” Genie said while transforming into a game avatar. Alex was at home, playing games as usual, when his controller started shaking, it was like rumble but way too intense. It started to fall apart, “cheap piece of plastic” Alex said outloud, but then he noticed pink goo dripping out of it. In a matter of seconds he was completely covered by the goo.

He knew exactly what was happening, “finally” he said, hoping he would turn out to be an extremelly hot girl. After the goo finished molding his body, the goo went back into his controller, turning it pink. “Alexandra” she saw her gamer tag and got excited, a little aroussed you might say. A few seconds later, when she was still a man, she was alone, but now, a man was sitting by her side. That made her feel sexier. She pushed him, and got on her knees over him. Thrusting back and forth, turning him on in no time. She was having sex, feeling her boyfriend’s cock inside of her. But she kept on playing, why wouldn’t she? she loved playing online.

After winning the match, she pulled her boyfriend, so he would lick her breasts and squeezed them just the way she liked it.


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