Moving things around

Brenda looked down at her suddenly diminutive former husband and smiled. “Well, I think we’re off to a good start here. You always lorded your height over me, and now that I’ve got it, I kinda like it. Changing you into a woman is pretty neat too. Who knew you would’ve been so small if you’d been born female? You can’t even suck on my tits unless I lay down or bend over. Hah!”

I could only look up at her voice in silence. Part of the spell made me unable to move or talk until ordered to. I was pretty sure what was coming next though. I heard the loveseat creak with strain as she sat down. “Now, you naughty girl, walk over to me and lay across my lap. Somebody needs a paddling right now, because she’s been such a naughty boy!” I couldn’t stop my body from walking over there and laying across her lap. She pulled my shorts and panties down and began paddling me hard! I was crying softly when she finally got bored of the game and released me.

That’s when she pushed me to the ground, opened her gigantic legs up and ordered me to pleasure her until my tongue went dry.


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