Going to a party

“Just look at my ex-husband, the slut!” my blond ex-wife lifted my chin with her hand. “Got somebody’s cock inside her cunt and it damned sure ain’t gonna be the last one tonight, will it boys?” she said, getting increasingly louder as she spoke. The crowd shouted back “NO!” with hoots, whistles, and laughter.

I have no idea how she made me into a real, honest to God woman, but clearly, she did. Between her and her friend, the brunette behind me, they forced me into this outfit, handcuffed me, and brought me here, wherever this is. She just laughed at my obvious humiliation and discomfort, at the same time the guy beneath me is doing his damnedest to get us both off.

My ex spoke again. “Here’s the rules, boys. Leave no hole unturned. Fuck her pussy, fuck her face, fuck her in the ass if you want to. I want her to have the whole deal.” Then she whispered to me “and if you don’t cum, you’ll return to your male form at sunrise.” I had a ray of hope, then! Maybe I could go back to being me!

Then she brought out a massive vibrator and set it humming, holding it onto my clit while he continued fucking me from below and her girlfriend played with my tits. I don’t think I’m gonna last ten seconds……


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