Know when to hold ’em

Michael held his cards low over his newly acquired breasts as he looked at the blond card shark in front of him. “Okay, so I’ve lost all my money, my clothes, and even my manhood, but you’ve got to let me try to win it back! Just this hand, alright? Double or nothing.” Looking down at his sexy female figure, with her extensive curves, she begged.

“Well, alright. Just this one last hand. But if you lose, not only are you a woman forever, but you’ll be mine, to do with as I choose. You’ll do what I say, when I say, and fuck who I say and only when I say. But if you win this hand, I’ll undo all your changes and you’ll walk out of here with everything you’ve lost. Agreed?” the card shark asked.

Michael just looked down at her hand and said “Agreed. Beat this hand! Full House! Kings and queens!” The card shark just smiled at him and gently laid her Royal Flush on the table. “Well, then, now that we’re done here, we can move along. Gather up my winnings, MICHELLE, and follow me to your new home. We’re done with poker for tonight, but I’m itching to poke you with that lovely penis you lost to me.”


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