Forever friends

“Continue looking into the pendant. Focus on it”

“I´m not sure I want to do this anymore. Can´t we just stop?”, Benjamin pleaded.

“You agreed that we could do this. Do you want to break your word? You know I can´t date anyone I cannot trust. Do you want to continue date me?”, Benjamins girlfriend Sandra said with an steady and threatening gaze on him.

“No no no. It´s not that. I swallowed that potion that made me into a girl, looking eerily like you. Can´t we just satisfy with what we have achieved so far?”

“No! You promised me a girlfriend to hang out with and I want you to follow through! Keep looking at the pendant!”

Ben´s eyes kept following the pendant back and forth. The magical properties of it was beginning to take hold and he felt that he was slowly becoming more and more drowsy.
With an last gathering of his willpower he managed to whisper “I love you” to his girlfriend before he succumbed to the enveloping darkness.

Sandra looked at her sleeping boyfriend in front of her that had collapsed in the sofa. If the pergament spoke the truth he would be suspectible to any suggestions and commands she could think of.
They had discussed earlier on what she would do to him. He still believed that she only would make him a female version of himself but Sandra had bigger plans than that.

“Alright Benjamin. Your name is from now on Catherine….”


Sandra felt great. She felt triumphant. And most of all she felt content. Benjamin had been weak, but he had been good for two things. Discover where her true sexual orientation was, and being the raw material for her perfect girlfriend.
Obedient but willing to take her own initiatives. Good at cleaning and cooking. Sexy as hell and madly in love with her.
Cathy was a pro at licking pussy, something she proved last night when she made Sandra scream more than once. Sandra was careful making her slightly bi just in case they felt for some man meat someday.
She shared most of her interests so they always had something to talk about, instead of having to listen on Benjamin talking about his utterly boring football games.
Catherine was so sensual and desireable to look at. She had that rare feline grace that few women had.

Sandra watched Cathy move around in the apartment, tinkering with this, tinkering with that. Contemplated what parts of the decorations should be where.
She noted how Sandra was looking at her with lustful eyes. She looked back at her, cocked her eyebrow and gave her a sly smile. “My my. Someone really is doing their best to eye fuck me over there”
Confident and a dirty mouth. Sandra felt her heart beat two extra beats from excitement.
“I´m just admiring my girlfriend and best friend forever”, she said, clasping her hands in front of her with the effect of pushing up her boobs.
“Is that so?”, she inquired and sat down next to Sandra. The kiss on the cheek made sent the butterflies in her stomach into a wild disarray.
The thin manicured hand that slowly moved up her jeans clad thigh signalled that this would be another wild night for them both.


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