A Good Dream

You’re lying there in your soft warm bed.
under the blankets. sleepy.
you’re eyes are closed it’s morning but you can feel the dream calling you back to sleep.

listen to it. sleep more.

five more minutes.

give in.

let the dream take you away. forget your troubles.

forget everything.

feel the warm soft bed on your smooth pale skin.

it’s soft and warm and inviting.

your hairless body is perfect under the blankets.

you could sleep forever. it’s comfortable and safe.

when you’re awake you are a man, but here asleep in the dream.

you are whatever you want to be.

become what you want to be.

feel as your dream becomes real. becomes real under the covers.

the warmth spreads from between your legs.

a warm, soft, damp, comfortable feeling.

mmmm. feel it? it’s your damp eager pussy.

keep your eyes closed. stay asleep. you don’t want to wake up yet. this is perfect. you’re becoming the real you.

the you you’ve always wanted to be. under the covers move your hands feel you new lips.

it’s warm in there too. feel how warm your finger is craddled inside you.

think about how good that feel to think about. inside you. it’s warm inside you. it feels good. inside you. it’s cold with just one finger in. put another in. feel them stretch you out for the first time. feel how hot it’s getting down there. it’s good to be asleep. perfect to dream.

keep your eyes closed. can you feel the rest of your body now?

it’s all become the real you. so warm. so perfect. breasts, legs, hair, lips. you can feel the space where your manhood used to be calling to you in your mind, asking you. wispering. feel the glow of your overies as they sing sleep through your dulled mind and weak senses.

it’s all real. it’s all now. move your fingers around inside you. still asleep. eyes closed. warm wet.

let out a moan. soft and delicate like the sleepy flower you are. put another finger in move it more. faster. but careful not to wake yourself. it feels so good you don’t want the dream to end. pump your hand more feel your breasts. move your hips. your perfect hips. push yourself further into to the warmth.

it’s getting hot now, but don’t wake up yet. don’e wake up yet. faster. feel the pleasure, the warm delicious pleasure, twitch to your other hand and eyes closed taste your wet hand. mmmm. this is a good dream.

press harder and faster. harder still



wake up.

push the blankets off. explore your new you in the warm light of day.


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