Happy Birthday

“To Mark. Open me”
That´s all it said on the note next to the gift box on the table.
I scratched my head. Owen, my roommate, was an notorious prankster and gifts from him shouldn´t been taken lightly.
With outmost care I losened the ribbon on the top.
It didn´t help me the slightest.
When I pulled the ribbon I activated the trap, which exploded in a cloud of glitter and smoke, enveloping me completely in the process.

I coughed to clear my lungs. Every breath I took felt heavy.
“What the hell Owen!”, I cursed. He must have added helium because I sounded like a chipmunk.
When the smoke cleared enough for me to see I saw there was a reason my breathing felt heavy. Every time I inhaled I could see that the breasts I was now sporting heaved up and down.
“That sonofabitch!”, I roared.
“Where the hell did he get Glamour Girl powder?!”

As on a cue Owen entered the apartment.
“Happy birthday!”, he exclaimed with a loud voice and blew a party horn.
“Asshole”, I shouted back at him and put a blanket around my half-naked body.
“There, there. I just gave you a very special gift”, he said and sauntered into the living room.
“I would like to return my gift”, I retorted and blew him a raspberry.
“Wait doing that until you´ve heard the next thing”.
“What?”, I said, suspicious of his intentions.
Owen had a smug smile on his lips.

Something clicked in my brain. My anger over being transformed into a girl disappeared.
I kinda felt natural in my body instead of feeling out of place. I crossed my legs so I could sit more comfortable on the couch.
“See. Much better already!”, he grinned.
“What have you done? I know I´m not really a girl but it feels like I´ve been one all my life”
“You know those self-hypnosis tapes you got to help you study? I modified a couple of them a year ago”, then he added with a proud voice; “I`m in it for the long game”
He gave me a sports bag. “There´s clothes inside, you and I are going on a date”
I opened it and surveyed the contents. Heels, dress, pantyhose, jewellry and a belt. Seemed pretty basic. It dawned on me when seeing those clothes that I didn´t have much knowledge girls took for granted, I just acted like one.
Strangely enough I looked forward to the date. “Give me some time. I need to freshen up, if you catch my drift”, I said and pointed at the glitter that covered most of my body.

The date went great. We talked about the usual stuff; sports, politics, movies and stuff from university. It had more dimensions to it now though because he couldn´t stop stealing glances on the cleavage my dress created.
There were more tension in the air than usual too.
We had a good time and we was laughing when we left the restaurant and we were laughing when we came home.
Our laughs died off in the hallway, both of us fell silent and we looked at each other. I had to tilt my head upwards beceause he was taller than me.

“Sooo….this is goodnight then?”, Owen said awkwardly. It wasn´t like him at all, the guy so sure of himself otherwise.
I stood there watching him and his puppy dog eyes.
Two choices came to mind: one of them was to call it a night and go to bed.
The other one was to call it a night and go to _his_ bed.


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