Sam had no intention of sleeping with his wife whi

Sam had no intention of sleeping with his wife whilst they were both in each other bodies.

But after three days his wife’s body was crying out for something he could not give it.

Still half asleep and slightly turned on by the bulge poking him in his soft firm buttocks with eyes still shut he told his wife alright just a quickie.

As he felt his own masculine hands which he had no control over pulled down his knickers exposing his wife’s beautiful vagina which was already salivating with anticipation of what was yet to come as he instinctively rolled onto his back and opened his legs .

Still with his eyes shut not wanting to see his former face staring down at him as he took a sharp intake of breath as his former cock entered his new soft wet vagina which was a whole new experience for him and something he quickly learnt to love as he felt his former masculine hands groping at his breasts with the pounding of the cock in his pussy and the slapping of its balls against his buttocks.

Shocked and amazed at how wonderful sex as a woman felt no longer annoyed with his wife for going to the marriage swap counselor as this was the greatest experience he had ever felt in his life as he lay there moaning and screaming enjoying every inch of it wishing he had not wasted the first three days of there week long therapy


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