Different body.

Phil stood in the doorway in his wife’s body after taking a long and hot sensual shower still trying to pluck up the courage to climb into bed with his former body and do what comes natural to a married couple.

It had been almost 4 weeks since the great shifts swapped husband and wife which turned there relationship on its head.

Phil’s wife Jessica was quite happy with being a man and did not take as long as him to get used to the fact.

Phil on the other hand was not coping well with being a woman everything about his new female body was a lot more intense then he would have expected and he could not believe how randy he got after experiencing his wife’s period for the first time last week.

So tonight was the night as he could take it no longer and he was going to have sex with his former body which was already laying on the bed naked waiting for him and he was surprised how wet he was getting at the site of his former manhood just lying there limp and waiting for encouragement.

As he walked over to the bed slipping off his bathrobe and climbing beneath the sheets for what was a very strange night but with a lot of practice over the next couple of weeks they really got into the swing of things and now they’re going at it like champions.

Like nothing had changed in their relationship.


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