I cannot do this!

Stephanie got sick and tired of her husband James lazy attitude.

Just because he went off to work did not mean he did not have to lift a finger around the house.

She was sick and tired of him thinking she enjoyed cooking cleaning and taking care of the house.

So she decided to switch their bodies one night and show him what her life was actually like.

He had only been stuck in her body for less than 24 hours and he had already flooded the basement whilst trying to do the laundry, burnt four of his own white shirts whilst trying to do the ironing and now he had just blown up the microwave whilst trying to prepare dinner.

He just hoped his wife was having just as bad a time as he was in his body doing his job.

But it turned out she quite enjoyed no longer being stuck in the house cooking cleaning and taking care of everything.

So she decided to extend their swap indefinitely especially when she got home and saw the state her husband and the house was in.

Which told her he definitely needed a little bit more practice at it.


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